Attain a Hollywood smile with Veneering.
Dental Veneers are a way to achieve a desirable smile. If you have chipped, gapped, or misshapen teeth then you can get dental veneering done at Radix Cosmo Dental. A dental veneer is a thin layer that covers the front of the visible parts of your smile. They look like natural teeth. Our dental experts can give you a perfect smile with beautiful hollywood teeth through the process of dental veneering in a couple of visits.

    Equipments & Technology

    Our clinic is facilitated with the latest,modern and most upgraded technologies & equipment in the field of dentistry.

    Team Of Certified Dentists

    We have a team consisting of some of the most experienced dentists at our clinic, all certified.

    Safety Ensured

    Our team wears PPE kits at all times and the clinic is deeply sanitized. Your safety is my priority!


    Radix Cosmodental is on a mission to make you beautiful & help you achieve dental delight. We provide all the dental services one can ever think of

    Why do we need a Dental Veneering?

    • This helpsĀ  in repairing of cracked or chipped teeth.
    • It can change the shape of teeth and make it look better.
    • Improve the appearance of discolored teeth.
    • To make teeth look longer.
    • To protect the tooth’s root when gums have receded.
    • As a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings.
    • To close spaces between the teeth

    Hear from our client

    At Radix Cosmo-Dental, it is always very satisfying to help children enjoy their dental visits. In usual cases, it does not happen like that always. But fortunately, children visiting our clinic really look forward to paying a visit here. The things that make their dental visit happy are the exciting Kid-Pedo Dental Chair, their favorite cartoon during the treatment, and return gifts after the visit!
    Dr. Shruti believes that a patient is at the most vulnerable stage of pain when they visit for surgery or treatment! Toothache is known as the worst pain for human beings. As dental health experts, it is her responsibility to only focus on the rapid healing and satisfaction of the patient! There's no bigger happiness than watching your patient smile admire their own smile, wide, confident, and painless smiles is what she works for!