A precious smile require polishing
Who does not want a smile that catches the attention of everyone around you?A beautiful smile requires a lot of maintenance. Even if you brush your teeth regularly, still it cannot reach all the corners of the teeth and does not remove the plaque fully. To overcome this issue it is advised to get Scaling and Polishing done every 6 months or as suggested by the dentists. This process improves the appearance of your teeth and prevents your teeth from further damage by getting rid of calculus and tartar that accumulates on your teeth.

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    This process involves scraping of tartar or plaque deposits on the teeth surface. If the deposit of tartar is minimal then a hand held scaling instrument can give good results. But if the amount of tartar deposited is more, then an ultrasonic scaler is used with a stream of water, to achieve best results.


    This is the process in which the teeth are polished after the removal of tartar and plaque through the process of scaling. The tooth surface is polished with a small motorised rubber cup attached to an abrasive polishing compound called the prophy cup. The benefit of tooth polishing is that it makes the teeth so smooth that plaque and tartar does not accumulate on the tooth surface easily.


    Removes tartar and plaque deposited on the tooth surface
    Improves the appearance of teeth
    Regular scaling and polishing keeps your teeth healthy
    Makes the teeth smooth which makes depositing of tartar difficult
    Helps in elimination of stains on teeth
    Makes your teeth shinier and cleaner than before

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    A regular visit to the dentist for scaling and polishing can reduce the level of discomfort in your teeth. The treatment is usually painless and can be done in a few minutes. In severe cases where the deposits of tartar and plaque are large, then this may result in temporary pain.
    At Radix Cosmo Dental, our dental experts usually take a few minutes to perform this treatment on your teeth. Our dentists will clean around the gum line on the back and front of your teeth to remove any plaque and calculus deposited on your teeth.