Dental Filling

Dental filling is the process of restoration of your teeth when they are damaged by cavities or decay. The dentists intends to bring your decayed teeth back to its normal function and shape.

The approach to dental filling involves:
• A local anaesthesia is given to numb the area.
• Removal of decayed tooth material.
• Cleansing of the affected area.
• Filling the clean cavity with the filling material.
• The tooth is polished to make it smooth and effective

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    We have a team consisting of some of the most experienced dentists at our clinic, all certified.

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    Our team wears PPE kits at all times and the clinic is deeply sanitized. Your safety is my priority!


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    Types of Dental Filling Materials?

    Gold Filling

    These are made to order in laboratories. The gold fillings last longer than 20 years and are tolerated better by the gums. The only catch here is that it is much expensive compared to other types of fillings and requires multiple visits at the clinic.

    Silver/Amalgam Fillings

    These are one of the most pocket friendly fillings and are resistant to wear. Silver fillings are dark in color which makes them only suitable for hidden areas of the teeth and not on the front tooth.

    Composite Resin Fillings

    These fillings are customised to match the color of your tooth. They can be used where natural appearance is required. The ingredients of this filling are directly placed into the cavity where they harden. Thus, these fillings are not used for large cavities.

    Porcelain Fillings

    They are made on order in laboratories. These are durable, match the natural shade of the teeth and are stain resistant. They are a bit more expensive than composite and amalgam fillings.

    Post Filling Dental Care

    • Avoid any sticky, hard and chewy foods after the filling.
    • Avoid hot or cold food or drink if you feel sensitivity in teeth
    • Be gentle to your teeth for at least 2 weeks.
    • Avoid biting too hard as it may cause extreme pain.


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    We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
    At Radix Cosmo-Dental, it is always very satisfying to help children enjoy their dental visits. In usual cases, it does not happen like that always. But fortunately, children visiting our clinic really look forward to paying a visit here. The things that make their dental visit happy are the exciting Kid-Pedo Dental Chair, their favorite cartoon during the treatment, and return gifts after the visit!
    Dr. Shruti believes that a patient is at the most vulnerable stage of pain when they visit for surgery or treatment! Toothache is known as the worst pain for human beings. As dental health experts, it is her responsibility to only focus on the rapid healing and satisfaction of the patient! There's no bigger happiness than watching your patient smile admire their own smile, wide, confident, and painless smiles is what she works for!

    Dental filling can be helpful for You?

    • Tooth filling improves the functionality of teeth.
    • Fillings can prevent infections and aids in getting rid of cavities.
    • Latest trends of dental fillings can give natural looking teeth.
    • They last upto 15 years and can keep the teeth strong