Braces and Aligners

A beautiful perfect smile is all we wish for, but that’s not what we are gifted with always. Crooked teeth or crowding in teeth are the most common dental conditions we see around us! In the world of advanced technology, nothing is impossible! So here is the way, through which you can set your smile straight and eliminate all the gaps between your teeth. An Orthodontist is the dental specialist who is an expert in the cases of dental and facial irregularities. Their treatment includes straightening crooked teeth, fixing bad bites and alignment of jaw correctly. On your visit to Radix Cosmo Dental, Our orthodontics will take a general case history followed up by a clinical examination. This includes a full dental X-ray and lateral cephalogram. Extraoral and Intraoral dental pictures, so that right treatment can be given and compared later.

    Equipments & Technology

    Our clinic is facilitated with the latest,modern and most upgraded technologies & equipment in the field of dentistry.

    Team Of Certified Dentists

    We have a team consisting of some of the most experienced dentists at our clinic, all certified.

    Safety Ensured

    Our team wears PPE kits at all times and the clinic is deeply sanitized. Your safety is my priority!


    Radix Cosmodental is on a mission to make you beautiful & help you achieve dental delight. We provide all the dental services one can ever think of

    Types of Braces and Aligners at Radix Cosmo Dental

    Metal Braces

    Treats extreme overcrowding in teeth.

    Less expensive than other alternatives.

    Have a variety of color options.

    Results can be seen in a number of months.

    Helps move the teeth in small increments at a time.

    Lingual Braces

     Metal Brackets are put on the back of the teeth.
    Can be used for both adults and children
    Designed intelligently to be hidden and to deliver desired results.

    Invisalign Braces

    Most popular among those who do not want metal and wires in their mouth.
    They are clear plastic aligners, custom made for you.
    Removable and can change your smile without altering your lifestyle.
    Replaced after every two weeks.
    You can eat and drink whatever you want.

    Ceramic Braces

    Made of ceramic or porcelain and metal alloy wires.

    Seminal to natural teeth color.

    Less visible.

    Constantly and gently moves teeth.

    Gives comparatively faster results.

    Can stain if not maintained well.

    Hear from our client

    At Radix Cosmo-Dental, it is always very satisfying to help children enjoy their dental visits. In usual cases, it does not happen like that always. But fortunately, children visiting our clinic really look forward to paying a visit here. The things that make their dental visit happy are the exciting Kid-Pedo Dental Chair, their favorite cartoon during the treatment, and return gifts after the visit!
    Dr. Shruti believes that a patient is at the most vulnerable stage of pain when they visit for surgery or treatment! Toothache is known as the worst pain for human beings. As dental health experts, it is her responsibility to only focus on the rapid healing and satisfaction of the patient! There's no bigger happiness than watching your patient smile admire their own smile, wide, confident, and painless smiles is what she works for!