Pediatric Dentistry

The most beautiful thing about children is that they spread smiles. We must leave no stone unturned to ensure they keep smiling. At Radix Cosmo-Dental, it is always very satisfying to help children enjoy their dental visits. In usual cases it does not happen like that always. But fortunately children visiting our clinic really look forward to paying a visit here.


Reasons why the kids look forward to visiting here?


• The Latest Kid-Pedo Dental Chair

Children love vibrant colors, animals or lively structures. At our clinic we have a different dental set up for our little angels that includes a Kid-Pedo Dental Chair. This chair has all the latest technology equipment for accuracy, success and reduced recovery time. The chair is made in the form of a blue dolphin, a yellow sea shell that holds the tools, a purple diano dental chair which is very comfortable and fits the size of the baby, a duck and a green elephant on the side seat. They enjoy their time here so much!!

• They can watch their favourite cartoon during the treatment.

The kids dental chair at our clinic has the option for kids to watch their favourite cartoon or anything they want. The tab is placed over their head at a safe distance that will not harm their eyes. This keeps the child entertained and keeps the head straight for a better treatment and examination experience.

• Return gifts from our dentists.

Our Dentists are very fond of kids. It gives them immense pleasure to see a beautiful smile and shiny eyes on the child’s face after the treatment. So at the termination of the dental examination or treatment our dentists give the children small goodies which make them happy and are always motivated to visit the dentist.

Kids are little sweet people who love sweets. The irony as much they eat sugary things the more they grow cavities in their mouth. We can’t stop them from having that little happiness they get from As guardians it is our responsibility to ensure that our kids know the importance of proper oral hygiene. These are some simple steps to be followed to ensure good dental health to your babies.
• Brush twice a day.
• Limited consumption of sugary foods and liquid.
• Use a soft bristled brush and pea sized amount of toothpaste.
• Do not use toothpaste that has fluoride unless advised by a dentist.
• Flossing is a good way of keeping your teeth clean.
• Visit the dentist every six months for regular checkups and dental cleaning.
If you see any signs of decay or discoloration in your child’s teeth the nearest dentist immediately. You can also visit Radix Cosmo-Dental to give your child a fun dentist experience with the best treatment provided by our amazing dentists.