Laser Gum

Many at times find ourselves being conscious about our gums. Sometimes they may get too dark or too red. The actual color of our gums should be Coral pink, anything too dark or too red makes us feel insecure and conscious. Do not forget to smile rather try to fix it. Laser Gum Depigmentation is a process in which the layer of dark gums is expelled and healthy coral pink gums replace them.At Radix Cosmo-Dental, we provided services with high yielding results and reduced recovery time.


Why does our Gums get darker in color?

One of the major reasons that cause our gums to darken is the excessive deposits of melanin i.e a pigment responsible for dark color. This is observed more in people with dark complexion.
Another set of reasons which are responsible for dark gums are:
• pathological conditions like endocrine disorders, idiopathic diseases
• certain oral mucosal conditions also cause pigmentation of gingiva.
• Smoking
• Amalgam tattoo
• Medications

How can Laser Gum Depigmentation be helpful?

Laser gum depigmentation uses laser energy to peel off the gingival epithelium.
• This technique is minimally invasive causing less tissue loss.
• It minimizes postoperative complications like pain, swelling and infection.
• Lasers cause less bleeding which improves visibility at the surgical site.
• After clinical depigmentation, chances of relapse after very less with the use of lasers.
• With the advent of lasers, gum depigmentation procedure has yielded good results.

Postoperative Care for Laser gum depigmentation

• Avoid aerobic activities for 48 hours following the treatment.
• Try to keep your mouth as clean as possible in order to help the healing process.
• Do not brush or floss the treated area until after your post-operative visit in approximately 7-10 days.
• Do not rinse with anything the day of the treatment.
• Quit smoking.