APF Gel Treatment Say Goodbye To Cavities

Did you know that children below the age of 7 are more prone to cavities than adults?

This is because the enamel of baby teeth is not as hard as the enamel of permanent teeth that will replace them (APF). Conflicting with the popular belief that primary teeth will not affect the teeth that children will have for the rest of their lifetime, baby teeth do have an impact.

It is extremely important to include good dental habits in your child’s routine since childhood, which includes brushing twice a day and flossing.


This is not enough to save your child from dental caries.

Dental caries is one of the most common oral diseases that affects a considerable number of population. It is found that the existence of caries in Indian population is reported 31 to 89%. This signifies the lack of awareness and affordability of the dental facilities in India.

Radix Cosmo Dental under the umbrella of Malik Radix HealthCare is on a mission to make “Cavity- Free India”. The dental fraternity believes that “Cavity-Free India” can succeed only if we instill awareness about oral health among the people. The focus should be on the dental care since childhood, but children consume more sugar than adults which make them more prone to cavities.

Consumption of fluoride-rich food and water help in improving oral health.

It helps in prevention of tooth decay by making it resistant to attacks by plaque-causing bacteria.


What is APF Treatment?

APF stands for Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride. APF is a fluoride gel that is applied topically on patient’s teeth by dentists to prevent tooth cavities in future. The treatment has to be done two times a year.

APF Gel is available in various flavors for children, such as Strawberry and Bubble Gum.


APF Treatment if for whom?

APF treatment can be taken by anyone, but the probability of having no cavities is better in children.


What happens during APF treatment

APF Gel is placed in two trays- one tray is for upper teeth set and the other one is for the lower teeth set. These two trays are placed in patient’s mouth and teeth is pressed against the gel-filled trays for four minutes.


The medication is then spat out and it should not be swallowed.

Mouth is rinsed with water spray.

Children are not supposed to eat or drink for next 30 minutes after the treatment to get best results.


Why APF treatment?

The chances of not getting cavities after getting APF treatment in children stands for 99%. The treatment is effective in reducing cavities and minimizing the likelihood of a cavity.



Radix Cosmo Dental offers APF treatment to encourage our motto of “ Cavity-Free India”. We urge you to join us in our primary mission to promote a “Healthy India”.

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